Clean Your Closets, Fill Your Heart



Nothing makes us smile more than a good cause. Even more touching?… When it’s led by young minds and hearts.

Our Sudsies team was moved when we heard the story of Brandon and Jordan Weinstein. Back in 2014, the twin brothers entered high school and joined the lacrosse team. When their parents took them shopping for gear, they were surprised by how much each item cost. They quickly realized that not everyone can afford such expensive equipment. And, that sparked an idea.

So, with the new school year came a new project that tied in Brandon and Jordan’s love of sports with giving back. collects gently used sneakers and dance shoes for boys and girls, sanitizes and refurbishes them, then distributes to those in need in collaboration with its partner In Jacobs Shoes ( To date, the organization has gathered more than 2,000 pairs of shoes, now covering talented feet from Overtown Youth Center, AfterSchool All-Stars, YMCA of Dade & Broward, and schools across Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

Sudsies is joining in on the cause, not only donating shoes ourselves, but making it easy for others who want to contribute as well. Gather your gently worn shoes and drop them off at any Sudsies boutique, where stops by regularly for collection. Even easier, just place them in your yellow Sudsies bag (be sure to use a separate bag marked Brandon & Jordan Weinstein) and our valet will pick them up and get them where they need to go!.

Help us spread more smiles among local youth. A future star athlete or performing artist just needs a shot… and a pair of shoes.

For more information about this effort, visit If you have questions about the Sudsies pick up process, just give us a call at 305-864-3279.

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