Let us guess… getting organized is among your New Year’s resolutions. Us too, which is why we compiled a list of our favorite tips to enhance your laundry spaces with productive and good looking solutions.

Get Guarded

The real culprit of those missing socks isn’t the dryer… it’s the vortex in between your machines and the walls. Invest in some laundry guards that can prevent clothing from falling between the cracks.

Lost & Found

Speaking of runaways, create a Lost & Found jar or small bin where you can store stragglers until they are reunited with their matches (if they aren’t between machines, it’s possible the mates decided to catch a ride with another load). This Lost & Found collective is also good to store other rogue items: hair accessories, coins, figurines, etc, until they can be claimed by their respective owner.

Deter Detergent Messes

Here are several ways to contain all those detergents, softeners, stain sticks and dryer sheets:

  • A slim rolling cart to slide in and out of the space between the machine and wall. Double points, as it acts as a laundry guard too.
  • A wall shelf hung on the sidewall maximizes the full depth space with minimal frontal real estate. It’s easier too than reaching up and over machines.
  • Wall caddies placed on the side offer similar benefits, but with additional organizational options.
  • For smaller spaces, an over-the-door rack is an easy, effective solution, and doesn’t take away from precious surface space on top of the machines.

Hang In There

Nothing feels better than warm clothes fresh out of the dryer, but for those more delicate items, it can wreak havoc on the fabric and or structure. If a free standing drying rack isn’t spatially feasible, here are other clever solutions:

  • Create a retractable clothing line from wall to wall.
  • Invest in a metal grid (or repurpose a crib’s spring panel), placing it overhead or against a wall for flexible hanging options.
  • For smaller, more closet-like areas, insert a towel bar on the inside wall or upside side underneath a shelf for rack-like hanging as needed.

Clean Artwork

What do all those symbols on the garment care tags mean anyway? Create and print a larger-scale poster to hang on a free wall for easy reference during those questionable moments. You can also create a guide by category to include what cycles work best for bedding, darks, lights, etc.

Still ready to throw the towel in on laundry?

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