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Hello, FIVE PARK Miami Beach. FREE pickup + delivery of your dry cleaning is now available upon request.

Yes! Dry cleaning from the comfort of your condo.

Your stylish residence at FIVE PARK Miami Beach deserves the ultimate convenience — why settle for anything less than a premium dry cleaner at your doorstep? Experience the luxury of Sudsies garment care, where expert care and FREE pickup & delivery of your luxury garments are just a few clicks away, Monday – Saturday, rain or shine. Simply fill out the form and Sudsies will handle the rest.

Since 1996, Sudsies has been your trusted partner in exceptional couture dry cleaning.

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Start, complimentary Valet pickup and delivery service that is every bit as exceptional as you are.

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Specialty cleaning and restoration of your fine suede and leather garments at your service.


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Do you have a wardrobe brimming with rare bespoke, and couture garments? You now have a capable local dry cleaner - Sudsies.

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Preserve the memories for the next generation by simply shipping your wedding dress for a museum quality cleaning and preservation.

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Garments handed down through the generations require the respectful level of detail provided by Sudsies but in a convenient form.

Why choose Sudsies®

Sudsies Garment Restoration

Thoroughly Inspected

We understand that every detail contributes to the garment's overall look and feel. Upon receipt, Sudsies garment care specialists inspect every garment for stains, damage, and wear.

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Expert Hand Cleaning

Sudsies highly trained tailors treat each garment like a masterpiece, using their skills and experience to ensure every garment is gently cleaned and it's beauty is preserved.

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Precision Hand Finishing

After cleaning each garment is expertly hand finishing to preserve presentation (pleats for example are hand pressed) and enhance wearability.

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Attention to Detail

Whether it's delicate silks or intricate beading, we utilize specialized techniques and decades of experience to refresh your couture garments without damaging the fabric or embellishments.

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Quality Workmanship

During the couture process, buttons and seams tightened all with the highest quality threads and materials that match the weight and texture of the original garment, ensuring a seamless and long-lasting result.

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Durable Elegance

Our goal isn't just to pamper garments perfectly, but to preserve their overall aesthetics and lifespan. With Sudsies couture services, you receive a garment that looks and feels exquisite, as if it were made new, just for you.

Reviews and testimonials from Sudsies guests.

Lori S.

Sudsies guest since 2000

“Great service. – In today’s fast-paced world, who has time to run to the dry cleaners? I don’t! Sudsies provides a very efficient pick up/drop off service. They do a great job with my clothes…and if it wasn’t for them, I’d probably be going to work in my sweats.”

Ron L.

Sudsies Guest Since 1998

“Best quality dry cleaners – in Florida and there service is better. They even pick up and deliver. I even send them my clothes when I am out of town to have them ready when I return home. Thanks Sudsies. My clothes love you!”

Sobe Chic

Sudsies Guest Since 1997