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Yes, Sudsies does offer suede, leatherm, and fur cleaning! In fact, they specifically mention it as one of their specialty cleaning services alongside fur and delicate fabrics. We utilize specialized techniques and equipment to handle these materials with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Here’s what Sudsies highlights about their leather and suede cleaning:

  • Expert team: Trained professionals understand the unique properties of fur, leather and suede and know how to clean them properly without damaging the material.
  • Specialized techniques: Employing methods such as hand-spotting and hand-finishing to ensure a thorough and gentle clean.
  • Preserving quality and longevity: Our goal is to keep your fur, leather and suede garments looking their best for years to come.

At Sudsies, we’re all smiles when it comes to cleaning your clothes! But sometimes, even with our expert touch, a garment might be a little too delicate for our usual process, like a vintage gem that’s more fragile than a butterfly’s wing. In those rare cases, we’ll never proceed without giving you a heads-up first. We’ll chat about your options and make sure you’re comfortable before moving forward. Worried about a specific piece? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly garment care concierge team – they’re cleaning wizards and happy to answer any questions you might have!


At Sudsies, we believe your wedding dress isn’t just for one magical day, it’s a heirloom woven with love and memories meant to last a few lifetimes.   That’s why we offer our wedding dress preservation service. Expert artisans gently cleanse your dress using eco-friendly methods, removing any lingering traces of the celebrations without harming the delicate fabric. Then, we carefully hand-pack the finished dress in acid-free tissue and nestle it within a beautiful, breathable box, creating a safe haven for your precious memories.

So, let Sudsies’ love story with your dress begin! Contact our bridal concierge team today – they’ll be delighted to answer any questions and help you preserve your happily ever after, one stitch at a time.

The short answer is sometimes. We often have special invitation only events at our boutiques and even co-host events with brend partners that may provide special savings and/or access to rare merchandise. The best way to keep track of promotions and future opportunities is by signing up for our newsletter by clicking here.


Craving the convenience of free pickup and delivery for your regular Sudsies dry cleaning? It’s simple! Just click here, create an account, and choose your preferred service frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). Choose your desired pickup and delivery windows, and schedule your first service. Then, sit back, relax, and let the Sudsies SMILE come to you – we’ll handle the rest, ensuring your garmetns receive the expert care they deserve, delivered fresh to your door. Remember, you can always adjust your schedule or preferences anytime through your online account!


Sudsies offers professional laundry and dry cleaning services. We handle a wide range of garments, including clothing, linens, and delicate fabrics, ensuring a high standard of cleanliness and care. You may check out our services HERE.

At Sudsies dry cleaning take great care in handling your garments. Our experienced team follows industry-leading practices to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your items. We use high-quality, eco-friendly detergents and adhere to strict quality control measures.

You can include any special instructions when placing your order online or communicate them to our customer service team during the pickup. We strive to accommodate all special requests to meet your preferences.


Sudsies cleans a wide variety of garments and items, including clothing, suits, dresses, uniforms, household linens, draperies, and more. If you have specific items you’re unsure about, feel free to contact us for clarification.


Placing an order is easy! Simply visit our website,  create a Your Sudsies account , and schedule a pickup. You can also give us a call to arrange a pickup time that suits your convenience.


Sudsies has a growing network of clean, conveneniently located boutqiues staffed by the friendliest people in dry cleaning. Boutiques are located in North Miami, Miami Beach, Miami Design District Boutique

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