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Musts Haves to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Dry Cleaner


Clothing has this magical ability to make us feel special about ourselves. When we wear our favorite items, we feel good. Therefore, making a decision about your dry cleaner is an important one, as finding the right one can preserve your peace of mind, piece by piece.

Here is a checklist to reference when searching for a good, make that a GREAT, dry cleaner you can rely upon:

  1. Cleanliness
    If a dry cleaning facility is dirty, messy, and otherwise disheveled, how can you possibly expect it to produce clean items for you? This goes for back of the house too. Ask your cleaner if you can take a tour. A great one will be happy and proud to show you around.
  1. Friendliness
    We like a good looking garment, but a satisfied smile on its wearers even more. Just as you would expect great service at a fine restaurant or hotel visit, you should hold your cleaner to the same standard. Staff attitude should be warm, accommodating, and genuine. Bonus, they remember your encounters, taking note of your preferences and adding a personal touch to your experience.
  1. Proof
    Ask to see samples of work. Our purpose is to protect your wardrobe, yet many customers leave frustrated and disappointed when their beloved items are still stained… or worse show new and irreparable damage. Thus, find a cleaner that has a track record of success in repairing damage the first time around. Before and after shots are particularly compelling.
  1. Longevity
    Seek not only how long your cleaner has been in business, but also length of employee tenure. It’s telling of the level of professionalism and care you can expect when it’s very employees are committed to the company.
  1. Time-Sensitivity
    Your clothing is valuable, but so is your time. A good cleaner has a reasonable turn-around (preferably no longer than 72 hours), as well as additional conveniences to give you back some minutes, such as complimentary pick up and delivery service, location flexibility, drop-off points, and even mailing services. And we all need a little instant gratification sometimes… Note response time when leaving a message or sending an email and your cleaner’s ability to accommodate special requests.
  1. Alliances
    You know that old expression, “you are the company you keep”? Take a quick survey of any memberships and associations within the industry, such as the National Cleaners Association and Green Cleaners Council. These organizations require and hold its members accountable to select criteria, as well as provide access to the latest updates and industry practices. Affiliations add credibility to the capabilities and professionalism your clothing will receive.
  1. Eco-Minded
    Green practices should no longer be considered an amenity – they should be core standards. Perc-free solutions ensure safety for clothing integrity and your health. Also note other ways your cleaner keeps its footprint light, from water- and energy-efficient equipment, to recycling initiatives (hanger reuse program, bags derived of recyclable materials, etc.)

Here are Sudsies, we can confidently check off every item on the list! To learn more about how exactly we incorporate these principals into our own dry cleaning and laundry practices, visit our newly updated website at