Investing in Self: Clothing as Part of Your Story

The clothes we wear introduce us to other people.

They represent us as professional, mature, carefree, elegant, educated, wealthy. The story of who we are is woven into the fabric that drapes our bodies, and our clothes are arguably as important as the way we carry ourselves and as the expressions on our faces. Our clothing also holds memories; of a date with our significant other, an important business decision, our child’s birthday party, or our first big investment. How we care for these important pieces is directly related to their longevity. 

The Importance of Aftercare

The clothes a person chooses reflects their discerning taste and unique style narrative. Beyond labels, we choose clothes because of fabric, cut, and intricate details such as hand-stitching or bespoke elements. Along with all of these considerations, we also must decide how to care for the garments after the purchase. 

Quality fabrics, meticulous tailoring, and intricate details are all susceptible to the rigors of daily wear and tear, making proper maintenance crucial for the piece to last for years to come. Professional dry cleaning not only ensures the removal of stains and impurities, but it also protects the delicate fabrics, maintains the structure of the garment, and maintains the vibrancy of colors. Sudsies prides itself on caring for our guests’ most valued clothing, and we treat every item with the utmost importance. We also employ skilled seamstresses at every location who can alter and repair when necessary. 

Finally, ethical fashion practices are reshaping the story of high-end attire. As the most eco-friendly dry cleaner in Florida, Sudsies is also a great choice if you value responsible production and consumption. Extending the longevity of your clothing means less production and waste—aligning personal narratives with a broader global story of environmental stewardship.

The Sudsies’ Dry Cleaning Process

At Sudsies, we have a specialized process to clean and care for even the most delicate garments. As we care for your clothing, we consider both the financial and sentimental value of the items and give them the highest quality of care. 

Sorting: First, we sort garments based on color, fabric type, and cleaning requirements. This helps ensure we are using the best treatment for the fiber. 

Pre-Treatment: We inspect each garment for stains and treat them individually before the actual dry cleaning process. 

Tagging and Identification: We tag each garment with information about the fabric, existing stains, and special instructions from the garment’s owner. 

Clean: We use a variety of methods to clean and preserve the garments depending on their fabric type, age, and embellishments. 

Post-Spotting: After cleaning, garments undergo another inspection to determine if there are any remaining stains or spots. If necessary, further treatment is performed.

Finishing: The finishing process includes steaming or ironing (depending on the fabric type and structure of the garment). We remove wrinkles and retain the original shape of the item, enhancing the overall appearance. 

Quality Check: Garments are thoroughly inspected to ensure they meet our exceptional quality standards. This involves checking for any missed stains or other issues. 

Packaging: Once garments pass inspection, they are packaged in protective covers to prevent dust and maintain cleanliness. Depending on the garment, we also use collar stays and other materials to protect the shape of the item. 

It’s important to note that not all dry cleaners can care for the most high-end and delicate items. In fact, Sudsies regularly receives shipments of very valuable garments that other dry cleaners send to us for care. 

Your Most Important Garment (MIG)

Every garment we care for at Sudsies has a story behind it. Whether it was worn at a wedding, funeral, baptism, or other important event, we treat it as if it is the most important garment in our care. In fact, all of the staff at Sudsies are trained to understand the importance of the garments that come to our boutiques. 

Christine Smith, a long-time employee and manager of the Las Olas Sudsies’ boutique, explains: “It’s not just dry cleaning—it’s about understanding the story behind the clothing. A person can be sad and they bring their clothes in because they were just at a funeral. It’s really, really about the people, and understanding who is behind the clothing that is being brought to us. I just treated it as dry cleaning before I worked at Sudsies. Now I’m thinking about what it means to you.”

John Kriney

John Kriney