The Ultimate Guide to True Bed Sheet Quality

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How many times have you heard someone say sleep is overrated? To those people, we say: “Not when you have quality bed sheets!” But determining the actual quality of sheets has become tricky, with many brands labeling their products as the best, the softest, and the most luxurious.

That’s why Sudsies, South Florida’s premier luxury dry cleaner, has compiled a CliffsNotes guide to help you cut through the marketing hype and discover the real deal. Let’s uncover the secrets to determining the actual quality of bed sheets so you can bid farewell to restless nights and welcome the blissful slumber that only high-quality bed sheets can offer.

Don’t Count on the Thread Count

Thread count is the amount of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of fabric. It was once considered the ultimate indicator of sheet quality. The common belief was that a higher thread count equaled superior quality. Not anymore. Over the years, misleading interpretations and other crucial factors have emerged, urging us to take a broader perspective. To truly determine sheet quality, we must consider other factors.

Beware of the Sly Ply

Plying, the process of twisting multiple strands to create a single thread, plays a key role in determining the true quality of a thread count. Manufacturers once used double and multi-plies to artificially inflate their thread count numbers, counting the total number of yarn pieces rather than the actual threads. Fortunately, consumer protection laws have intervened to restore more accurate thread count practices.

But think of this: single-ply fabrics offer distinct advantages. They’re tighter, lighter, and generally have a longer lifespan. So, while double- or multi-ply sheets may boast a higher thread count, opting for a lower thread count option derived from single-ply fabric might be wise.

Study the Cotton Chronicles

When evaluating sheet quality, consider the cotton staple or the length of the fiber. The longer the staples, the better the quality.

And make sure you understand the meaning behind the multitude of cotton names:

  • American Upland: This is the most common cotton cultivated in the South and Southwest. It’s known for its shorter staple length, indicating lower quality than other cotton varieties.
    Pima / Supima: Pima cotton consists of long staples that produce durable, long-lasting, and soft bed sheets that resist wrinkling and pilling. Supima is simply the designated name for American-grown pima cotton.
  • Egyptian Cotton: Produced with rich soil along the River Nile, Egyptian cotton is considered among the world’s finest and most luxurious fabrics. This type of cotton is so exclusive it comes with a seal of authenticity.

Alternative Fabrics

Linen, the cool companion: Linen sheets excel at allowing heat to escape and wicking away moisture, making them an ideal choice for humid South Florida nights. Although linen tends to be initially coarser than cotton, it softens over time through regular washing. And you will definitely have time, as linen is considered three times more durable than cotton.

Silk, the epitome of luxury: Silk bedding is renowned for its smooth texture and ability to adapt to both hot and cold temperatures. There are many differentiations and standards here as well, but that’s an explanation for another blog. But it’s important to note that silk sheets require professional cleaning to maintain their exquisite qualities.

Rest Assured with Sudsies

When it comes to cleaning high-quality pieces, Sudsies has earned a reputation you can trust. Our gentle and eco-friendly solvents are expertly combined with meticulous hand-cleaning techniques to ensure your sheets, pillowcases, and duvets remain soft to the touch and soothing to the eye. Each piece is returned to you crisp and ready to embrace your bed with renewed comfort.

We’re not shy about sharing our commitment to making you look and feel good when you’re on the go, but we’ve got your back when you’re ready to rest too. Contact us today to discover more about our exceptional bed linen services and experience the difference Sudsies can make in enhancing your relaxation and rejuvenation.

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