It’s official! Sudsies is now the number one eco-friendly dry cleaner in Florida, as designated by the Green Cleaner Council. Not just among Miami dry cleaners, not just Fort Lauderdale cleaners, not even just South Florida dry cleaners, but the entire state. Specifically, the organization’s in-depth review of both of our facilities garnered us a 4.5 “leaf” rating.

The environment has always been among our “care” trifecta, alongside our customers and their clothing. Hence, our impetus to become a member of the Green Cleaner Council in 2009. Our involvement with this council has exposed us to much knowledge and many benchmarks to further our mission to maximize our effectiveness as an environmentally-mindful business.

We truly worked hard for the relationship, as the council ensures “that not just any business can attach themselves to these trending [green] buzzwords for profit without actually being able to provide how their business earned those labels.” Each applicant is reviewed blindly in both name and location of organization and judged on criteria that exceeds regulatory requirements.

“Since the day Sudsies became a member with us, the luxury dry cleaner has been very serious about taking the steps necessary to excel as a true green organization,” says Ann Hargrove, who sits on the council. “Every detail has been thought out in the Sudsies transformation and they are genuine in their efforts to make a difference.”

Some of our proudest achievements:

  • Wet Cleaning Capabilities: Considered the greenest eco-friendly professional cleaning process, wet cleaning is our primary cleaning method at both of our facilities. It enables us to effectively clean while using minimal and gentle resources. (We’ll elaborate more on this in a follow-up blog).
  • The Right Solutions: Our solvents are of DF-2000™, a hydrocarbon fluid. Free of harmful chemicals such as perchloroethylene, or perc, DF-2000 is safe for the environment and our cleaning technicians, while delivering effective results for our entrusted clothing. Some other reasons why we opt for DF-2000: can be used on sensitive fabrics and trims; aids in the removal of oil, grease, and water soluble soil; is essentially odorless; is compatible with fabric finishes to help maintain and restore garment shape.
  • Recycling Programs: Not only are our hangers derived from recyclable materials, but they are of such good quality, that many of our clients reuse them in their own closets. If you choose not to, we invite you to place any extra ones in your valet bag for next pick up and we’ll put them to good use again here. We also use biodegradable plastics for packaging.
  • Equipment Investment: Our equipment is state-of-the-art from a cleaning perspective, but also from a low water usage standpoint.
  • Training: Our team is continually sent to continuing education and training programs that emphasize the latest techniques and practices to maximize green equipment, as well as introduce brand new ones.
  • Out and About: Our pick-up and delivery fleet has a carpool effect by picking up several orders from singular locations and neighborhoods.
  • Around the House: Subtle, yet impactful, green elements can be found at every turn: light detectors that adapt when rooms are not in use, energy-efficient LED bulbs. etc.

Our work here isn’t done… As a top luxury dry cleaner, we’re continually installing new additions to edge us up to the perfect five rating. But rest assured, that when engaging in Sudsies services, we quite literally have a global view when taking care of you and your garments.