Sudsies Garment Care specializes in Couture dry cleaning, wet cleaning and laundry.  Sudsies wet cleaning process has earned the highest rating in the State of Florida by the

What is wet cleaning?

Wet cleaning is a non-toxic, environmentally safe process. Garments are cleaned in highly sophisticated computer-controlled machines with small amounts of water and biodegradable solvent. We use European engineered Miele wet cleaning equipment. Inside the machine, clothes are agitated so gently, it’s almost like a simulation of hand washing. Once that process is completed, garments are dried in moisture-sensitive machines that prevent them from ever over drying.

What are the benefits of wet cleaning?

  • Unlike dry cleaning which has been around since the mid-1800s, wet cleaning is a new process that uses innovative technology.
  • Wet cleaning detergents are gentler on the skin and safer for your health than perc, the most commonly-used dry cleaning solvent.
  • Garments that are labeled “dry clean only” can be safely wet cleaned.
  • Wet cleaning is more energy efficient, creating a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Wet cleaned garments come out smelling clean, feeling soft, and looking vibrant.
  • Wet cleaning has been proven to be a more environmentally friendly cleaning method, not generating hazardous waste or creating air pollution.

Can I use the wet cleaning method on all my clothes?

Wet cleaning is a process that continues to evolve. It’s gentle enough for all your “dry clean only” garments, and virtually everything else in your closet. But there are instances where it may not be the best method. Sudsies cleaning specialists are expertly trained on all cleaning-related procedures to provide our customers with the best recommendations.

Whether you’re looking for dry cleaning, wet cleaning, or laundering, the most important thing is finding a knowledgeable cleaner you can depend on. Don’t trust your garments to just anyone! Contact Sudsies online at or call us at 305.864.3279 to speak with a garment specialist.