Behind the Seams: A Wedding Affair to Remember

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We at Sudsies consider ourselves the experts for specialty garments, including bridal wear. For many, a wedding dress is perhaps the most special one you will ever wear in your lifetime. Which is why Sudsies is prepared and adept to assist our clients well before their big day and beyond. Here is one of our favorite stories:

Upon setting the date for her September 2018 wedding, Felicia Marquez entrusted her friend Hassan Pierre, a leading designer in the high-end sustainable fashion movement, to create a custom wedding gown. The pattern would be created in New York, but alternations and fittings would need to be done locally. Having entrusted his own clothing to Sudsies during his South Florida initiatives, Hassan made the recommendation that the dry cleaners’ alterations team be the one to partner with.

“The fabric was such an integral part of the gown’s impact,” said Felicia. “I ultimately approached Sudsies because they have a reputation for being the most qualified in handling couture.”

Felicia first connected with Sudsies Director of Retail Operations Henry Calix and the team got to work. The tailoring department worked hand in hand with both designer and bride for all the alterations, dress design adjustments, and final fittings to make sure every millimeter of the hand-beaded lace laid just right.

The relationship turned out to be a real family event. In addition to Felicia’s dress, the Sudsies team worked with 20 members of the bridal party to fit their own dresses and suits, including the tuxedo for Groom Francisco. Felicia got to know the Sudsies family as well, meeting with General Manager Luis Moreno and CEO Jason Loeb.

Image depicts a bride and groom embraced in a kiss, standing on red carpet surrounded by their wedding party
photo: Gonzalo Moreno

“Everyone was so attentive and reliable,” recalls Felicia of her experience.

Up next was pressing and packaging each to embark on a trip overseas to Valencia, Spain, the sentimental locale for the couple’s vow exchange.  Bride, groom, and the entire party looked pristine. So much so that the photos were picked up by international style publication Hola Magazine.

Post-wedding, Sudsies welcomed bride and gown back home with the final task of cleaning and preserving the dress in a window box.

“What was so great about this bridal story is that she trusted us to serve in any way we could throughout the entire process,” says Henry. “We were honored to help Felicia and her family look and feel special.”

…And they all lived (gowns and tuxes included) happily… ever… after.

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